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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a factory sunroof?

A factory sunroof (also referred to as an OEM sunroof - OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer) is a sunroof installed in the vehicle during production, before it is delivered to the new car dealership. Most sunroofs today were installed at the factory. These units were designed and built specifically for a make and model vehicle.

Are pop up sunroofs made in the USA?

POP-UP SUNROOFS ARE MANUALLY OPERATED & HAVE EITHER A FLIP UP OR CRANK STYLE REAR LATCH. Seven different companies manufactured the majority of pop-up sunroofs installed in the United States. Replacement parts are still available for five of these companies.

What is a trim ring sunroof?

This installation style requires a technician to cut a hole in the vehicle roof. To seal and obscure the cut in the roof, a trim ring is installed leaving a raised edge on the roofs surface. Factory installed sunroofs are designed to be perfectly flush to the roof of the vehicle. Any vehicle with a trim ring has an aftermarket sunroof.

Can you add a sunroof to a car after it is built?

Once the vehicle leaves the assembly line, the factory option can no longer be integrated into the roof. Though, if a consumer or dealer wanted a sunroof added after the vehicle was manufactured, they may commission an automotive restyler to install (or retrofit) a generic unit, designed to function in that vehicle.

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