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Frequently Asked Questions

Is FNaF based off a true story?

The story is told through the game play. When you are playing, news paper clippings appear randomly on the walls telling the sad story of fnaf. This is not real, this is just a part of the game.

What's the scariest FNaF game?

One of the scariest characters in the FNAF franchise appears in this game, called Mango. Mango is made up from various pieces of scrap crudely boltd together. He’s the pink looking giraffe animatronic. What makes him petrifying is how he can jump at you by hanging and swinging from the ceiling.

What does FNaF stand for?

FNAF stands for Five Nights at Freddy's

Which FNaF character loves you?

Foxy loves you for your personality, he adores your love for music and that you can keep a secret. He likes the cunning and adventurous side to you! Golden Freddy loves you because you are so sly, you captured his heart as soon as he saw you.

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