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Frequently Asked Questions

Is fairprices a legitimate company?

They are 100% legitimate organizations, but there are always hiccups and occasional errors. There are always complainers for everything - including for - but it doesn't mean the company is a scam.

Is fairprices com a vanity website?

This is not a vanity tool, so if you are the owner of and not happy with the 55.6 ranking, remember that your website is your online business card. It REALLY needs some improvements. It could be anythingyour online management system, to HTTPS connection. Or your public reviews, which are critical. Is a Scam?

How can I get a VIP consultation with fairprices?

If it doesn't solve your problem. You could download our official Wholee app (Fairprices is a selected brand under Wholee) to have a Quicker and 1V1 VIP consultation service. Also, we have Free Gifts and Cashback that up to $21 with code [VIP123512] for you in the app, with 100,000+ factory-priced items to choose from!

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