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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose ECS Tuning?

Today, the scientific approach to racing and product development gives enthusiasts the ability to upgrade performance on the street or track. Whether you're just looking for a more engaging commute, or you owe someone a ten second car, the performance parts you need from top manufacturers are all available at ECS Tuning.

Is ECS Tuning the Comcast of German car parts?

“ECS is the Comcast of German car parts,” a post by a member named Logan Carey reads on the 5,800 member-strong Facebook page titled “ Why I Hate ECS Tuning .” With 136,000 Instagram followers, ECS is a big name in the European car community, especially online. But as much as the internet has helped ECS expand, so, too, has it bitten back.

Is ECS Tuning spying on its employees?

An office where employees were spied on with cameras. These are just a few complaints from former employees and from hundreds of car enthusiasts who have done business with major Euro auto parts supplier ECS Tuning.

Is the ECS Tuning “Spring 2021” instant-win Game Over?

The ECS Tuning “Spring 2021” Instant-Win Game is over! © 2021 Marden Kane Digital Promotions. All Rights Reserved.

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