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Frequently Asked Questions

What is credit card counseling?

Credit Counseling. Credit counseling is a free service that helps you evaluate your finances and identify debt relief programs. InCharge’s certified credit counselors may help you enroll in a debt management program, lowering your interest rates and monthly payment.

What is a credit card specialist?

Credit Card Specialist – Job Description Summary Delivers high-quality service to internal and external customers. Under general supervision, and in accordance with established lending policies, responsible for the VISA account program.

Can credit card company garnish IRA?

If a judge rules against the consumer in court, the judge may grant the credit card company the right to garnish the consumer's property, bank accounts or wages. The judge cannot, however, issue an order to garnish any funds from a 401k.

Can credit cards help your credit score?

Using your credit card, and paying your balance in full every month, should be enough to give you a good score. Personal loans can help improve your credit score. But the biggest help comes from using the proceeds of a personal loan to pay off a credit card.

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