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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is downtown DC considered the capital of the United States?

Downtown DC is considered the center of the nation’s capital because of its close proximity to popular attractions, a wide range of cultural experiences, national retail chains and noteworthy dining options.

Where are the best places to eat in DC?

It’s also where you can get some of the best food in DC. From the late 19th century through World War II, the riverside blocks south of the U.S. Capitol were home to the industrial Washington Navy Yard, an area that has been reborn as a haven for sports fans, nature lovers and foodies.

Where is the 1010k Washington DC?

10K’s prominent location is steps from Capitol Hill, the Wharf, and Nationals Park. Flooded with natural light, the double-height lobby features an incredible 19-foot Calacatta Cielo stone fireplace and Pietra Grey marble floor.

What are the best places to live in DC?

The tree-filled upper northwest neighborhoods of DC offer historic homes, the National Cathedral, cozy restaurants and great shopping. The Virginia towns and counties surrounding DC hum with culture, nature, shopping and history. Enjoy the great outdoors in the middle of DC.

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