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Frequently Asked Questions

Is boutiquefeel legit or scam?

Yes, Boutiquefeel is a safe, real, legit, and not a scam website. Why is that? I have ordered an item on this site, and I got it to my girlfriend safely delivered. You can also take time to watch another Boutiquefeel review on YouTube below.

Who owns boutique feel?

Boutiquefeelfashion is an online women’s clothing store selling dresses, tops, shoes, accessories, bottoms, lingerie, and swimwear. The founders of Boutique Feel are not clear, but it appears to be owned by Hongkong Jigao Information &Technology Co., Ltd. This company also owns some other online clothing stores including ChicMe and Chiquedoll.

Does boutiquefeel report to the credit bureaus?

There is yet to be a report on fraud on any credit used on the site. The Boutiquefeel US location, as stated on BBB, is 11335 Jersey Blvd Deck 30, Rancho Cucamonga, California. You will learn all about BoutiqueFeelFashion, where it is located

Can I get a refund from boutiquefeel?

Pleas to obtain refunds or to exchange the items end up in a run-around with the customer care team and ultimately the customers don’t get their refund or exchange. There are few positive Boutiquefeel reviews about the products, but the negative reviews heavily outweigh the positive ones.

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