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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Bourgueil wine?

The wines vary from light bodied, fruit driven styles that are not dissimilar to good Beaujolais, to silky, mid bodied wines with complex notes of undergrowth, spice and ripe berry fruit. In line with the quintessentially French notion of terroir, Bourgueil reds strongly reflect the soil in which the vines are grown.

What is the soil like in Bourgueil?

Soil: Bourgueil has three, easily identified soil types: little islands of gravel in the alluvial terraces of the Loire; higher terraces of ancient, glaciated alluvian sand and gravel; and clay/limestone soils from the ridge which runs along the north of the appellation. Climate: A maritime/oceanic climate.

Where to find Chenin blanc in France?

Vouvray, close to Tours in the central region of Touraine, is one of the two core regions for Chenin Blanc. The other is in Anjou, to the west, and the vineyards of Coteaux du Layon, Saumur and Savennières. While every style of Chenin is produced in Anjou, each appellation here has its own specialty.

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