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Frequently Asked Questions

Where was BBC Radio broadcasted?

The First World Radio Broadcast, 17 October 1939. On 17 October 1939 the most sensational live radio broadcast ever attempted by the BBC hit the airwaves. It took place at the RAF Hendon base in North London, in front of a specially invited audience of RAF personnel. The whole show was relayed worldwide across the airwaves, the first time a live show had ever been broadcast around the globe.

What is the BBC World Service wavelength?

Long wave frequency 198 kHz normally carries BBC World Service between 0100 and 0530 GMT (and the BBC's domestic channel BBC Radio 4 at other times). Although intended to serve the UK, 198 kHz is usually audible in parts of countries bordering the North Sea and English Channel.

How reliable is BBC News?

Slightly more than six in 10 (62%) people who watched BBC News rated it highly for being “accurate and reliable” and 58% gave it a good rating for being “trustworthy” in polling conducted for Ofcom’s annual news consumption report. However, just under half (48%) rated the BBC highly for being “impartial and unbiased”.

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