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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Manchester United need a new holding midfielder in January?

January is a tough window to do good business in but Manchester United desperately need a new holding midfielder to boost the squad. It's our Achilles' heel. We're Bagel FC - crisp around the edges with a gaping hole in the middle.

What has Thomas Tuchel said about Manchester United this season?

Tuchel’s side will face Manchester United on Sunday in the Premier League and currently sit in top spot, 12 points clear of eighth-placed United. Tuchel says he has been “surprised” by United’s form this season, adding: “Maybe I still am.

Why did Manchester United change their kit at half-time at Southampton?

Manchester United’s 6-3 defeat at Southampton in 1996 will forever be remembered as the day Sir Alex Ferguson’s side changed their kit at half-time in a bid to improve being able to see one another on the pitch. The Red Devils trailed 3-0 at half-time when the change was made.

What's new at Man Utd?

"The structure at United is changing a little bit, with the new CEO coming in - a new openness to bringing in football expertise from the outside. So far, the expertise has come mostly from the inside - former coaches, former players - and there has been reluctance to listen to outside influences.

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