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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened in Ukraine in WW2?

1939 - Western Ukraine is annexed by the Soviet Union under the terms of the Nazi-Soviet Pact. 1941 - Ukraine suffers terrible wartime devastation as Nazis occupy the country until 1944. More than five million Ukrainians die fighting Nazi Germany. Most of Ukraine's 1.5 million Jews are killed by the Nazis.

What's going on in Ukraine?

For months, pro-Russian separatists have fought Ukrainian forces in two eastern regions of Ukraine but a fragile ceasefire has been agreed by both sides. Here is a timeline of events in the most dangerous conflict to grip Europe since the wars in the former Yugoslavia.

What are the historical events in Ukraine?

Ukraine profile - Timeline 1 Foreign domination. The Tatars, as the Mongol invaders became known, establish the empire of the Golden Horde. ... 2 Russian rule. ... 3 Rise of Soviet power. ... 4 Independence. ... 5 Orange Revolution. ... 6 Yanukovych comeback. ... 7 Maidan revolution. ...

What is the crisis in Ukraine?

Ukraine crisis in maps. Read more about sharing. The crisis in Ukraine began in November 2013 when pro-Moscow President Viktor Yanukovych's government abandoned a deal with the European Union in favour of stronger ties with Russia. Ukraine has been torn between east and west since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.

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