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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of energy does the Scottish charging network use?

Mr Matheson said the charging network "must be powered on clean, green energy", and announced that a design team from the V&A Dundee was helping draw up the plans.

Why is it a challenge to build a charging station in Scotland?

Mr Matheson said meeting demand would be "a significant challenge, because it's a significant piece of infrastructure that needs to be put in place", but insisted Scotland had one of the UK's best charging networks outside of London.

Who is the leader of the Scottish Labour Party?

Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar said a new approach to managing the virus was needed in future, saying that "we cannot expect people to live their lives in perpetual crisis".

How is the Scottish Government trying to reduce car use?

The Scottish government wants to reduce private car use by 20% by the end of the decade, shifting more people towards public transport and "active travel".

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