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Frequently Asked Questions

What is dance mat typing game?

The BBC Dance Mat typing game is a free online typing game that is specially designed for kids. In this typing game, children will learn how to type on the keyboard as well as different typing skills. Dance Mat Typing game contains anthropomorphic animals who funnily teaches kids and guides you where to place their fingers and type a specific key.

What is kids mat typing – Level 1?

Here we go Kids Mat Typing – Level 1 Stage 1 is going to test how hot you are on the middle row of keys (known as the home row) – think of it as a gentle warm up for what’s to come. Read More BBC Typing from play our fun and free Typing Games help you to type & master touch typing more quickly and efficient.

Who is the educational psychologist behind Bitesize dance mat typing?

So they invited Englishtype’s Educational Psychologist, Jo, to be the consultant and educational designer of their program – BBC BiteSize Dance Mat Typing. The program & lesson structure, introduction of letters, and vocabulary content was developed by Jo.

How do I use the W and O on dance mat typing?

so it’s a good time for a little reminder of all you’ve learnt. Just like every stage of Dance Mat typing, first you’ll run through all you’ve learned so far, then you’ll swiftly move onwards - adding the letters of W (a task for the left hand) and O (a letter for the right hand).

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