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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Burmese history?

History. Through the Anglo-Burmese War in 1824–1826 and two subsequent wars, the British East India Company expanded to the whole of Burma. By 1886, Burma was annexed to India, then became a separate colony in 1937.

What is a sable Burmese?

Originally, all Burmese cats were dark brown (sable), but are now available in a wide variety of colours; formal recognition of these also varies by standard. Both versions of the breed are known for their uniquely social and playful temperament and persistent vocalisation.

What is European Burmese?

The European Burmese is a medium sized, shorthaired cat of far eastern origins. Body type is elegant with gently rounded contours, solid boning, and excellent musculature. Eyes are large, alert, and expressive, with color ranging from yellow to amber.

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