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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Bitesize - GCSE app?

The BBC Bitesize - GCSE, Nationals and Highers app allows you to pick the subjects and exam boards you want to study - including the core subjects of Maths, English and Science - so that every time you use the app, you’ll only find the stuff you’re studying. Only got a few minutes to study? Use our Flashcards to refresh your memory.

What is GCSE GCSEs?

GCSE is the qualification taken by 15 and 16 year olds to mark their graduation from the Key Stage 4 phase of secondary education in England, Northern Ireland and Wales. All GCSE subjects. Explore the BBC.

What is GCSE Physics GCSE?

GCSE Combined Science Exam board content from BBC Bitesize for students in England and Northern Ireland. Choose the exam specification that matches the one you study. GCSE Physics (Single Science) Physics is the study of energy, forces, mechanics, waves, and the structure of atoms and the physical universe.

Is the BBC Bitesize app suitable for 14 year olds?

The BBC Bitesize – GCSE, Nationals and Highers app is just the one for you if you’re 14-16 and studying for any of these exams. It’s not intended to be used by under-13s (if this is you, check out our website at instead).

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