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Frequently Asked Questions

What number is BBC Radio 1?

The winner of BBC Radio 1's Sound of 2022 list will be announced in January. She's previously appeared on The Hit List with Emma-Jo on kmfm. Listen to the interview here. Join the debate... Register or log in via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ or your KentOnline account to post comments.

What is BBC Radio Frequency?

Long wave frequency 198 kHz normally carries BBC World Service between 0100 and 0530 GMT (and the BBC's domestic channel BBC Radio 4 at other times). Although intended to serve the UK, 198 kHz is...

What is BBC World Service radio?

The World's Radio Station BBC World Service is an international broadcaster of news, discussions and programmes in more than 40 languages. Owned and operated by BBC and it broadcasts on DAB Slogan: "The World's Radio Station"

What is BBC Radio app?

BBC Sounds has launched in the Sonos app. Listeners with Sonos speakers in the UK will now be able to discover and listen tp BBC radio, music mixes and podcasts using the Sonos app for smartphones and tablets. BBC Sounds already has an average weekly ...

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