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Frequently Asked Questions

Why work for BBC Arabic?

Arabic is the only language apart from English that the BBC broadcasts in 24 hours a day, across TV, radio and online, to millions of Arabic speakers across the world. As BBC Arabic is seeking to grow, enhance and expand its services in the region, we want to attract new talent – and that might mean you!

What is bbcbbc Arabic?

BBC Arabic is the largest BBC World Service language service, providing news and current affairs on Radio, TV and Online to Arabic speaking audiences in the Middle East and beyond. The service is multi-media in operation for daily newsgathering and daily, weekly and long-term planning, whilst output streams are run by single media teams.

What does it take to be a BBC Arabic presenter?

Presenters will be comfortable performing on both screen and in the radio studio, possess a range of journalistic and technical skills, and be familiar with all BBC Arabic outlets and Producer Guidelines.

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