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Frequently Asked Questions

Is stash a good company?

Employee reviews on Glassdoor reveal that Stash is a relatively good company to work for. However, on particular featured review on Indeed states, “Overall great job. No career advancement opportunities.

Is stash a good investment app?

Stash App is a good tool for beginning investors but it does have its flaws. There are several financial investment apps online available for you to consider. Two popular choices out there you might want to consider are Acorns and Digit.

Is stash investing good?

Stash invest is safe because it offers encryption, security features, and is a registered advisor under the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Is stash invest worth it?

Stash could be worth it if you've never invested a penny in your lifetime and you have an interest in learning about how it works. Because you are in charge, you have to be able to remove the emotional component of investing from your mind. Stash does a good job of providing you with advice against jumping ship the moment things get bad, though.

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