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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Noom’s BBB business profile rating?

As of this date, Noom’s BBB Business Profile displays a D rating due to the high volume of complaints filed against the business and the company’s failure to address the underlying cause of its recent pattern of complaints.

Does Noom really help you lose weight?

During the pandemic, many have turned to Noom and other weight loss programs to try to improve their health. Noom has gained more than 50 million downloads and has claimed to help consumers lose weight through healthier habits. However, between Aug. 6, 2019 and Aug. 6, 2020, the Better Business Bureau received 1,185 consumer complaints.

What is Noom?

What is Noom? Noom is a mobile-based wellness program that encourages long-term healthy eating habits. Through the Noom app, you can get personalized, one-on-one coaching from a health expert, log meals and snacks, record your exercise sessions and track your weight loss progress.

Is nonoom worth it?

Noom is worth it if you want to lose weight and don’t mind logging everything in your phone. A popular app among millennials, Noom gives many dieters the motivation and support they need to change...

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