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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the BBB a scam?

The BBB is nothing more than franchises - privately held. Their scam is to feed on business misfortunes (bad reviews and bad ratings) to offer their "Accredited" status by paying a lot of money. The BBB preys on companies that have bad reviews - it's a scam - you want the BBB bad review removed - PAY up!!! It's a shake down and blackmail.

Is BBB a good company to work for?

They are so shady. Completely useless organization, do not waste time on them, you are better paying your attorney $100 to write a letter. bbb is a mercenary of businesses and… bbb is a mercenary of businesses and absolutely not on the consumer side.

What happened to BBB after I made a complaint?

After complaint to BBB they (BBB) simply shut down my registered complaint and stopped responding to calls and emails. I looked at original business today - they still have an A+ rating and my complaint is not even listed. I complained about BBB on line today and made a formal complaint

How do I know if my HVAC company is trustworthy?

Positive testimonials from customers are proof of a trustworthy company. "Which brands are you familiar with?" Most technicians can work on any brand, but you may get better results when working with a heating and air conditioning company that specializes in the same brand as the unit you already own.

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