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Frequently Asked Questions

What is BBB and how can it help me?

BBB helps people find and recommend businesses, brands and charities they can trust. Whether you're looking for a plumber or printer, BBB steers you in the right direction. Find trustworthy businesses in the most popular categories.

How do I renew my license or registration online?

The Board encourages all Licensees and Registrants to renew online. Online renewals are processed instantly through the Board’s BreEZe system. Manual renewals are subject to 4 to 6-week processing times. Complete continuing education requirements. TAKE the Law and Ethics Exam, until passed, for the renewal to be approved.

Is the old BBB a scam?

The old BBB is one big lie. They cannot help consumers - they do literally nothing. It's nothing more than a directory with reviews. It's a pay to play scam - they will give you a better rating IF you pay them. They are NOT a government agency - yet they try to act like one. The BBB is nothing more than franchises - privately held.

How do I request a quote from a BBB Accredited Business?

Consumers can instantly request a quote from BBB Accredited Businesses directly from your customized business profile page. Build your business profile to showcase your products, services, and track record in the marketplace. Still Need Assistance? Your local Better Business Bureau can assist you with finding businesses and charities you can trust.

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