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Frequently Asked Questions

How to become an accredited BBB business?

How to Get BBB Accredited in 5 Steps Verify That Your Business Meets All the BBB Requirements. Go to to get started. ... Fill Out BBB Accreditation Application. Navigate to the BBB's home page and click "Apply/Join" in the top navigation menu. ... Wait for BBB Application Evaluation. ... Earn Accreditation & Pay the Fee. ... Start Building Your Presence With BBB Tools. ...

What does BBB mean to business owners?

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a private, nonprofit company that offers accreditation to businesses that meet a standard of trustworthiness and quality. Companies with a "B" rating or better are eligible for accreditation; by securing this seal of approval, businesses may be more likely to attract quality-seeking consumers and increase sales.

What is in a BBB business profile?

On a BBB Business Profile, you will find: BBB rating History & general information regarding the business: business creation date, names of principals, alternate names for the business, licensing information etc. Customer complaints and reviews (last 3 years) BBB Investigations, Ad Review Recent Government Actions

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