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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the lemon law in the state of Michigan?

Michigan's Lemon Law - Avoid Getting Stuck with A Lemon. Most new vehicles are reliable, but some will turn out to be lemons. For those, Michigan’s Lemon Law provides relief if you purchase or lease a defective vehicle. To help you understand your rights under Michigan’s Lemon Law, this alert provides answers to common Lemon Law questions.

What is the lemon law in New York?

Answer: The Lemon Law covers any defect or condition that impairs the use or value of the new motor vehicle to the consumer or prevents the new motor vehicle from conforming to the manufacturer’s express warranty.

What is not covered under the lemon law?

The Lemon Law does not cover any defect or condition that is the result of a modification not installed or made by or for the manufacturer, or abuse or neglect of the new motor vehicle, or damage due to an accident occurring after the new motor vehicle’s purchase or lease. Question: What is the first step to recovering under the Lemon Law?

Does the lemon law apply to used cars?

Generally, the Lemon Law does not apply to used vehicles. But the Lemon Law does apply to a vehicle still “covered by a manufacturer’s express warranty at the time of purchase or lease,” if the problem is reported to the manufacturer or its authorized dealer within one year from the date of delivery to the original purchaser.

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