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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the level range of MapleStory?

Maplestory – Level 1-275 Training Guide June 2021 (Reboot & Normal) Level range Map Mob (s) 1-10 Class tutorial - 10-20 Golem's Temple: Golem's Temple 3 Flaming Mixed Golem 20-30 North Forest Green Tree Trunk Curse Eye 30-40 Gold Beach: Gold Beach Seaside 2 Violet Clam Slime 24 more rows ...

Is MapleStory difficult to play?

Maplestory is a vast world with unique monsters around every corner and many lands and dimensions to explore. As a new or returning player, it can be difficult to navigate the maple world and find monsters suitable for training at your current level.

What level should I train Maple Warrior at?

Keep Maple Warrior at 9 / 19 since it gives the same stat bonus as 10 / 20. If you're planning to train with someone who already has Maple Warrior push that back and max the other skills first.

What is the end-game leveling in Maplestory?

Once you reach level 200 in Maplestory, you gain access to the Arcane River, where all end-game leveling will occur. The Arcane River features a system similar to Star Force where you need a specific amount of Arcane Force for each map in order to deal normal damage to enemies.

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