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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Artesis E-MCM?

The Artesis e-MCM is a powerful online condition monitoring, predictive maintenance and power meter tool intended for critical AC rotating equipment. The patented machine learning algorithm of e-MCM enables comprehensive fault detection up to 6 months in advance.

Why choose Artesis intelligent predictive maintenance?

Many companies waste money through unnecessary equipment breakdowns and fixing machines that aren’t broken. Artesis intelligent predictive maintenance systems give you advance warning of faults, so you can reduce downtime and use maintenance resources more effectively.

What are the benefits of Artesis?

The Artesis approach combines simple installation with automated set-up and diagnosis to bring the proven benefits of predictive maintenance at a fraction of the effort and cost of conventional condition monitoring systems. 25% reduction in quality-related customer complaints

What is arteartesis Amt toolkit?

Artesis AMT Toolkit is a portable motor driven equipment test system which automatically generates a condition assessment report indicating existing faults (both electrical and mechanical) PCM monitors the condition of generators and their prime movers, effectively using the generator itself as a sophisticated transducer.

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