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Frequently Asked Questions

Does airsoft hurt more than paintball?

A 3.5g paintball fired at 290 FPS would deliver over 13 joules of energy on impact – almost 13 times that of an airsoft pellet! It thus appears that getting hit by a paintball should hurt more than getting hit by an airsoft gun.

Is airsoft safer than paintball?

Many teenagers prefer to get one AirSoft gun as it shoots at much higher speed compared to PaintBall guns. Also the pellets of AirSoft guns are much cheaper than PaintBall pellets. Parents prefer to get PaintBall guns, as they are safer to use.

What is the difference between airsoft and paintball?

The biggest difference between airsoft and paintball are the guns that are used , paintball guns shoot paint. When the paintballs break , a colorful mark gets left on clothes. Airsoft guns shoot plastic BB’S and look more realistic.

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